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From  Rolando A. Araza, CFO of SKF Philippines, Inc. 

"I had my interaction with Asian Insights from year 2000 and on going. Our professional exercise(s) range from forensic accounting, usual financial statements, dissolution, due diligence, tax representation, import/export legal and corporate matters. It was a pleasure referring and working with very open-direct to the point CPA and Legal professionals and practitioners of Asian Insights, Inc. It is a partnership with completeness and high compliance. My special mention to our primary contact Atty. Teresa R. Tam-Yap who is also our dedicated corporate secretary."

From  Fernando dela Paz, CFO of CBK Power Company Limited

" Asian Insights, Inc., under the leadership of Atty. Tam-Yap has continuously provided valuable support to our company and has been a partner towards the continuing success of the CBK project.  It has provided the necessary professional and support services right from the inception of the project up to the present, due mainly to its extensive experience in various fields and its excellent professional network. It provides effective and creative solutions to various issues and concerns affecting our company. Having worked with CBK since 2001 up the present, I personally experienced working with Asian Insights and Atty. Tam-Yap regarding the CBK project and I could confidently say that they played a big role in our company's success."



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