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Francia A. Paor

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Francia A. Paor is a Certified Public Accountant and a senior para-legal of the law firm InsightsLaw & Company (formerly Tam-Yap & Ilao Law Offices) and the consulting firm, Asian Insights, providing consultancy services with utmost care and rigor, particularly in the area of accounting and tax compliance.  She is also the audit partner of Tam-Yap Paor CPA’s.

Before joining Asian Insights in October of 2002, Ms. Paor worked at Sycip Gorres Velayo & Co. (SGV & Co.) and Uy Singson Abella & Co. (USA & Co). She also rendered accounting, auditing, taxation and management advisory services to enterprises in different fields, including associations, construction companies, leisure clubs, manufacturing, real estate, service and trade corporations.

Ms. Paor also provides tax compliance reviews and tax-planning services on specific transactions, as well as assistance in tax and financial accounting and the contesting of tax assessments. She also conducts the review of accounting systems and procedures and assists clients in the preparation of the financial statements required by the client’s external auditors.

Ms. Paor ensures that audit engagements of the financial statements of the audit clients of the firm Tam-Yap Paor CPA’s are conducted by the firm’s accountants in accordance with the generally accepted auditing standards, from the planning, up to the review and preparation of audit working papers.

CPA Licensure Board Examination

  • 2000, Philippines


  • Polytechnic University of the Philippines (Bachelor of Accountancy)

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Asian Insights is a consulting firm that consolidates and applies legal, accounting, and business perspectives in attending to its clients' needs.  The firm has represented several clients in energy, tollways, construction, property development, and banking, among other fields.  The firm has extensive experience in land acquisition, tax, and general corporate services.

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